Ethiopian Wolves


The Ethiopian Highlands, and the Ethiopian Wolf and other endemic fauna and flora that survive there, are relics of a long-forgotten age. Isolated islands in the sky harbour the last populations of this striking and charismatic creature (at any one time the global population is between 250 and 500 animals). Like these ‘red jackals’, just about everything up here – plants, birds, mammals, scenery – is different from the rest of Africa. The age of the landscape, the solitude, and the unique environment cannot fail to make an impact on you.

On this expedition, as we search for wolves, we explore all of the accessible parts of the Bale ecosystem – from the grasslands at Gaysay, to the juniper woodlands at Dinsho, the plateau at Sanetti and more – in search of other species like Mountain Nyala, Menelik’s Bushbuck and the Bale Monkey, not to mention birds like Blue-winged Goose and a veritable feast of raptors.


There are three strongholds of the Ethiopian Wolf in the Bale Mountains on the southern side of the Ethiopian Rift Valley. Our camp, sheltered in a cul-de-sac of ancient rocky ridges, looks out over a seasonal waterfall onto one of these strongholds – an ancient valley forged in the last ice age. The crispness of the Afro-alpine environment, its bizarre plants, endemic wildlife and the

isolation in the clouds above the Rift Valley make for a heady combination. Access is possible by 4x4 (or on horseback), after first driving or flying to the Bale Massif from Addis Ababa or elsewhere in Ethiopia. The closest airstrip, at Robe, is 50 km away.

Why here?

  • Privileged private viewing of Ethiopian Wolves in their highest density areas
  • Exceptional Afro-alpine ecosystem and solitude
  • High quality viewing of large mammal endemics like Mountain Nyala and Menelik’s Bushbuck, as well as Giant Mole-Rat, myriad endemic birds and otherworldly plants like Giant Lobelia


Private charter (50 minutes) from Addis Ababa to the small town of Robe on the edge of the Bale Mountains. Meet your guide and vehicle and drive 50 km through the rural highland countryside to our unique mobile tented camp located in a valley that holds the highest density of Ethiopian Wolves.

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The fragility of this Afro-alpine ecosystem and its inhabitants is such that the best way to access the best areas and not leave an impact is in a small mobile camp that is quickly packed up and removed. This is why our camp here is limited to four mini-Meru walk-in tents and a very modest central mess tent.

The tents are en-suite using ‘safari showers’ open to the sky and a toilet that ensures we leave no waste once we pack up. Of course, you need to consider the occasional cold and rain as well and each tent has comfortable, and warm, stretcher beds and exceptional views across this exceptional landscape.

Ethiopian wolves may even be seen from camp, and downtime here gives an opportunity, in the vicinity of camp, to observe the rodents that comprise the wolf diet up close.


Our rates are fully inclusive (accommodation, meals, drinks and activities) and quoted in US Dollars on a per person per night sharing basis. We do charge a single supplement.


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