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the shimmering, sinuous path of the Magwegqana Channel

Take a safari with Wild Expeditions to experience (and help build)
an alternative Africa

Earth’s natural environment is under overwhelming pressure from growing human populations, habitat fragmentation and climate change. It is critical in modern Africa that the remaining wild areas provide tangible financial value to both local people and governments. Wild Expeditions does this!

Through our rustic and unpretentious bush camps and insightful guiding and safaris in exceptional wilderness areas we prove this value to rural communities and central governments, and we facilitate changed perspectives for our guests who explore this exceptional continent with us.

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outstanding locations immersed deep in nature

Our Camps

Our bush camps could be described as simple luxury and provide all necessary comforts and appropriate luxuries.

Situated either on the ground or on stilted decks within the tree canopy, the canvas constructions might be called tents but are somehow far more than that; they are pods that immerse you in the wilderness.

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Our Expeditions

Our expeditions are designed to reach unique and otherwise difficult-to-access destinations at the optimal times for travel.

The mobile nature of these camps means that they are often miles from anywhere and can move on demand should local conditions change. This also means impact is light and temporary.

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Where We Are

We crave remote, untouched, pristine environments far from the trappings of urbanisation and the developed world.

So, you’ll find us in or adjacent to national parks and other protected areas in some of the most interesting and rewarding destinations to travel to in Africa: Botswana, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Zimbabwe.

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Explore with us

We love talking to past and future guests and helping plan trips of a lifetime, but we don’t take direct bookings.

Instead, we work with a wide network of specialist tour operators all around the world in order that our guests can liaise with someone in their own jurisdiction, time zone, culture and language to craft the perfect African expedition for them.

Contact us - We’d be happy to help design a trip and recommend a tour operator that is right for you.