Our Camps


We want you to hear, smell and see nature from your tent and to know where you are and how important it is for the planet that wilderness areas continue to exist.


Our bush camps could be described as simple luxury and provide all necessary comforts and appropriate luxuries. What is important to us is that they are located in the best possible areas and that they allow you to reconnect with nature.

Situated either on the ground or on stilted decks within the tree canopy, the canvas constructions might be called tents but are somehow far more than that; they are pods that immerse you in the wilderness.

What our camps are not is boutique hotel rooms in the bush.


Kate Malone |

Guest tent, Lale’s Camp

Camp Hwange /


Located in central Hwange National Park in a grassy ecotone between teak and mopane woodlands our intimate 8-room camp lies in one of the best game viewing areas of this part of Zimbabwe. Habitat diversity means game viewing diversity and year-round water means year-round game viewing with incredible Elephant and Buffalo densities in the drier months.

Karangoma /


Karangoma – a Sembukushu word describing ‘drum beating, ancestral healing, or cure dancing’ – is in an ideal location. Lying at the overlap of the Okavango floodplains with the northern woodlands, the intimate 6-tent camp is blessed with some incredibly diverse and productive game viewing. In addition, it plays an important conservation role in assisting the local Bukakhwe San community in managing their challenges of living with wildlife.


Melanie van Zyl |

Okavango lunch, Karangoma

Lale's Camp /


Authentic tribal cultural experiences depend on a handful of things. One of these is location; you need to be remote and disconnected from the modern world. A second is the quality of guide or facilitator; ideally, they are from that culture and can straddle very different worlds ensuring that interactions are a dialogue and are sensitive and respectful both ways.

Masoala Forest Lodge /


Even in a country that is renowned worldwide for its endemism and a spectacular array of incredible creatures that occur nowhere else on earth, Masoala stands out. This remote and undeveloped peninsula is home to Madagascar’s largest remaining extent of rainforest and to a treasure trove of vibrant, charismatic lemurs, birds, amphibians and reptiles. Not to mention the pristine beaches.

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We love talking to past and future guests and helping plan trips of a lifetime, but we don’t take direct bookings.

Instead, we work with a wide network of specialist tour operators all around the world in order that our guests can liaise with someone in their own jurisdiction, time zone, culture and language to craft the perfect African expedition for them.

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